Eranthe Law Firm

4040 Civic Center Drive, Ste 200, San Rafael, CA 94903, USA

Phone: 415-504-2006

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We counsel and represent consumer debtors in debt relief and Bankruptcy Law in Marin, San Francisco and Sonoma Counties. Help is available to prevent creditor harassment or to file a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Our goal to to assist our clients in moving from financial overwhelm to financial empowerment.
A San Francisco native with over 20 years of proven, successful experience Ms. Eranthe provides practical strategies and advises on different approaches to achieve best outcomes. Cate Eranthe also handles IRS Tax Disputes over $10,000.

Eranthe Law Firm

Lawyer - in Law firm with 2-10 attorneys

Practice Areas:

Contracts, Consumer Law, Civil Law, Bankruptcy Law, Dispute Resolution




California State Bar Northern District of California UNited States Tax Court

Geographic area of practice:

San Francisco Bay Area, North Bay California

Contact information on worldlawbook:;jsessionid=C346CFD9C85E8B06C19E4811AC18B3A0

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