Studio Legale Avv. Vieri Adriani

Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

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In 1992, Vieri Adriani joined the Florence Bar Association. At present, he is a criminal lawyer, specialised in business and international criminal cases. He has also successfully represented clients in criminal proceedings related to medical malpractice, workplace accidents, high-profile murder cases, crimes against public administration and the banking system, bankruptcy cases and violations of financial rules. His firm assists and represents both in court and out-of-court settlements. Attorney Vieri Adriani is qualified to represent clients in front of the Supreme Court of Rome. He is also registered as a Public Defender, available to offer legal assistance to qualifying low-income clients. One of his more high-profile cases saw him on the defence as a civil party in the proceedings against the alleged perpetrator of the crimes attributed to "The Monster of Florence". He has published several online articles analysing the last crime attributed to “The Monster of Florence", culminating in the publication of the book “The crime of Scopeti. A missed Justice case” (in Italian), in 2012. He speaks fluent English and French .

Studio Legale Avv. Vieri Adriani

Lawyer - Solo Practitioner

Practice Areas:

Litigation, Human Rights, European Union Law , Family Law, Criminal Law, Construction Law, Legal Malpractice, Wills


French, English, Italian



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