"STUDIO LEGALE ASSOCIATO VITTORIANO BUCCI" di Avv. Andrea Di Lizio e Avv. Anna Lisa Bucci

Chieti CH, Italia

Phone: 087141539 Fax: 087169009

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Avvocato dal 1995 e Patrocinante in Cassazione e davanti alle Magistrature Superiori dal 2007.
Consigliere all'Ordine degli Avvocati di Chieti dal 2010
Componente esperto legale della Commissione Urbanistica del Comune di Chieti

"STUDIO LEGALE ASSOCIATO VITTORIANO BUCCI" di Avv. Andrea Di Lizio e Avv. Anna Lisa Bucci

Lawyer - in Law firm with 2-10 attorneys

Practice Areas:

Adoption Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Arbitration, Biotechnology, Class Action, Litigation, Contracts, Consumer Law, Employees' Rights , Agricultural and Rural Law, Administrative Law, Insurance Law, Banking Law, Civil Law, Business and Commercial Law, Copyright, Patent Law, Media Law, Employment Law, Travel and Tourism Law, Entertainment Law, Communications/Telecommunication Law, Family Law, Bankruptcy Law, Pharmaceutical Law, Real Estate Law, Child and Juvenile Law , Criminal Law, Health Law, Education and School Law, Corporate Law, Sport law , Taxation Law, Divorce, Construction Law, Energy, Environment/Natural Resources, Eminent Domain, Finance and Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, Global Technology, Accidents and Injuries, Internet, Investments, Labor and Employment, Privacy Law, Personal Injury, Trademarks and patents, Mediation, Medicine and Ethics , Equal Opportunities, Election and political Law, Property, Intellectual Property, Debt Recovery, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Professional Liability, Dispute Resolution, Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Occupational Safety and Health, Wills, Transportation, Trusts and Estates Law, Financial Law, Charity and Not-for-Profit Law

Geographic area of practice:

Titolare dello studio in 66100 Chieti alla Via Gen. S. Pianell n.2 - tel +39087169009 - fax +39087169009 - indirizzi mail -

Contact information on worldlawbook:;jsessionid=03CE84F62C7B4F094F411BA42D0C5DFB

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