Studio Legale Barretta - SLB

Via di Priscilla 128, 00199 Roma, Italia

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Studio Legale Barretta - SLB

Lawyer - Solo Practitioner

Practice Areas:

Arbitration, Class Action, International Trade , Litigation, Contracts, Consumer Law, Administrative Law, Insurance Law, Banking Law, Civil Law, Business and Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Copyright, Media Law, Employment Law, Communications/Telecommunication Law, Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate Law, International Law, Health Law, Corporate Law, Taxation Law, Construction Law, Energy, Environment/Natural Resources, Eminent Domain, Immigration and Nationality , Internet, Investments, Trademarks and patents, Property, Intellectual Property, Debt Recovery, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Professional Liability, Trusts and Estates Law, Financial Law

Contact information on worldlawbook:;jsessionid=08088652331E76C3751C8FA98304462D?idUser=1992&tabContext=profile&seoName=alessandro-barretta

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