Studio Giofrè

Viale Stazione, 20, 89861 Tropea VV, Italia

Phone: 0963/666134 Fax: 0963/666134

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Sono un Avvocato del Foro di Vibo Valentia e un Mediatore iscritto all'Albo del Tribunale di Cosenza.

Studio Giofrè

Lawyer - in Law firm with 2-10 attorneys

Practice Areas:

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Contracts, Consumer Law, Disability Law , Employees' Rights , Elder Law, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Admiralty and Maritime Law, Criminal Law, Health Law, Taxation Law, Divorce, Immigration and Nationality , Accidents and Injuries, Privacy Law, Personal Injury, Mediation, Debt Recovery, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Professional Liability, Dispute Resolution, Occupational Safety and Health


French, English, Spanish

Contact information on worldlawbook:;jsessionid=0BBF68D77FAFEEF7047616015B15F43A?idUser=192&tabContext=profile&seoName=antonino-giofre

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