Studio Legale Avv. Giuseppe Falduzzi


Phone: 0935/646926 Fax: 1786050814

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Civilista; prevalentemente esecuzioni civili.

Studio Legale Avv. Giuseppe Falduzzi

Lawyer - Solo Practitioner

Practice Areas:

Arbitration, Litigation, Contracts, Consumer Law, Employees' Rights , Insurance Law, Banking Law, Civil Law, Employment Law, Travel and Tourism Law, Communications/Telecommunication Law, Family Law, Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Taxation Law, Divorce, Eminent Domain, Finance and Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, Accidents and Injuries, Internet, Privacy Law, Personal Injury, Mediation, Debt Recovery, Medical Malpractice, Dispute Resolution, Wills, Financial Law

Geographic area of practice:

Presso il Tribunal edi Nicosia, Enna, Caltanissetta e Catania

Contact information on worldlawbook:;jsessionid=70DAFA7F3F6D1DBDA372743CD37FF159?idUser=1184&tabContext=profile&seoName=giuseppe-falduzzi

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