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Food safety and quality in Albania


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Legal Issues

The present Law on Food should be revised in order to harmonize it with respective European laws. This step would lead toward eventual integration of Albania in the European Union. It was specifically pointed out that revision of Chapter 7 "Governmental Control of Foodstuffs" should be directed at the reorganisation of national food control services into a single control structure.

Drafting should be completed on governmental laws necessary for the proper implementation of the Law on Food.

The Draft Law on Olive Oil should be sent for legislative approval while continuing the work on drafting corresponding governmental laws.

Work should begin immediately on the Albanian Codex Alimentarius (national regulations on food safety, standards and practical rules). The Codex will serve the needs of Albanian consumers and exporters as well. Efforts should be made so that the standards would be fully recognized by food producers. This approach would ensure that producers recognize which standards are obligatory and must be met in order to produce higher quality and safer food products that could be accepted on EU markets, thus creating greater export opportunities.

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